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Contest Vol #1 Issue #1

by bigbear6208 on Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Contest Vol# 1. Issue # 1

I want to start by saying thank you to my readers and my viewers. This time I gave you (the readers) the opportunity to show off your talent.

It was hard choosing a winner. But, ba sed on overall composition and technique, this is the winner. It was taken by JUAN DIEGUEZ. To check out his photos visit his Flickr account. (CLICK HERE)

Interesting Facts:
Taken With an- Olympus E-3
Exposure -4 seconds
Aperture- f/5.6
ISO -100

Once again thank you to all the participants that participated. Now its time to conger up another contest that well be a bit more challenging. After all, who doesn't like brain twisters....

3 Response to "Contest Vol #1 Issue #1"

  1. Icymar "Iceman" Tagimacruz Says:

    wow.. nice shot. great capture your one talented man..


  2. The W.O.W. factor! Says:

    Hi! Thank you for your visit and your comment. I love your photos! They are spectacular.

  3. Lonely Anthony Says: