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A moment in time

by bigbear6208 on Saturday, September 19, 2009

I was checking my Facebook account today and I stumbled acrross a message in my inbox. I made a quite the impression. I feel as though my pictures are sending a strong message. This message was from a friend of mine and I wanted to share it with you guys....

i was just on your blog spot. ur creative energy is revving. your knowledge is insurmountable. ur vibe is right, the time is now. embark on tht new journey. just wanted to let you know i am breath taken by the perciseness in your pictures. amazed by the stories they tell and the glorious moments you've managed to capture. simply floored. i'm seeing the world thru different eyes and i like what i see. you are amazing.....have a good weekend

Thank you very much for the shout out

This picture brings back vivid memories of Maspeth....

Akil Borneo I think....

by bigbear6208 on Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I am here again, in a familiar place feeling something Ive felt before, wondering why its still here, why I didnt deal with it more fully before. But Im glad I have a second chance at it... and I know that if I need a third chance, I'll get it. I also know that if it comes up again, I'll recognize it sooner and deal with it more readily. This is growth. And, I am happy to be alive. 

Akil Borneo
-"I am the punishment of God... If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you."
Genghis Khan

Featured Photographer

by bigbear6208 on Friday, September 11, 2009

Elizabeth Fernandez
     Attending CUNY Hunter, this well rounded photographer has been all over. From the controversial city as Amsterdam, to lover's paradise Paris France. Nearly completed with her double major, Ms. Fernandez has eye for the perfect shot. She has an extraordinary ability to capture a vivid story within a photograph. Simple as capturing an umbrella between rain boots... Who would of thought of that? 
     I hear by grace you with some of her work. To see more you can visit her facebook albums here.

     Heres why I think this picture is awesome... at first i thought you were out doors and the green carpet was grass. this is a snapshot of the process of industriaization. demin was thee epitome of working class garb. Plastic is one of the major advances in the textile industry and astroturf the diplacement of grass or triumph of man over nature. its like a concise story of man as god. like industrial man sitting on the throne looking down at creation. looking down at a symbol of the corporation and a simple piece of technology that again shows mans triumph over nature. i think i would also argue for the feminization of mascuinity. i mean its deni in rain boots but the city workers orange hue.

im still staring at it.

-Nick Tejeda 

-Krakow, Poland (Auschwitz and Burkanow)
-Berlin Germany 
The Berlin Wall 

New Layout

by bigbear6208 on Monday, September 07, 2009

Well it me again..

I took a period of 5 months to re evaluate my life and where its heading. So to the new me I am going to create a new layout.