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Trail Lights of Life

by bigbear6208 on Friday, October 31, 2008

Trail Lights of Life

8 seconds then 15 seconds. Those were the magics numbers I used when setting
how long my shutter will stay open to accept the beauty of this glorious night.

Tonight was such a quite night. Calm wind, unseasonalby warm, and not to mention the heards of children running aimlessly screaming "Trick O' Treat, Trick O' Treat" I did not let that distract me from leaving my mental bliss.

As usual, I have my camera on my left shoulder and my tri-pod in my back pack. What will New York City have to offer me tonight? Walking down the street and singing Rat Race by Bob Marley, that when I saw the perfect opportunity.

Late afternoon rush hour, over a highway, on top of an overpass.

Have a Happy Halloween


by bigbear6208 on Thursday, October 30, 2008


So, today I was walking around the house today looking for something to do, and I spotted my Budda statue. As you can see it is covered in dust. I bought it in a flee market for $5 about 4 months ago.

The lady who sold it me wrapped up in decorative paper and placed it in a fancy box. She told me that rubbing his shiny tummy will bring forth luck.
Are people really lucky, or do we happen to experience life changing events and call it luck. I believe luck is granted by the way we live. For example, a homeless guy who hasn't eaten for 2 days stumbles upon a generous guy waking down the street and happens to spot him a couple of bucks. Luck or coincidence? you be the judge.

I think luck has to do with maturity. Excuse me for my weird comparison.

Some elderly people say "young people are immature." I beg to differ.

I will end by saying this-
Maturity has more to with what types of experiences you've had and what you've learned from them, and less to do with how many birthdays you've seen. So you old people, we young people are not all immature.

Have A Nice Day

by bigbear6208 on Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let me start of by showing great appreciation to those that visited my blog and liked my photos. Inspired by John Singer Sargent, a true artist lives in his work. There were times where Sargent would go out to sea and sail through torrential storms to get an emotional feel of the environment. He would then go back to his humble abode and create a painting that captures that feeling of being stuck out at sea.

What An Amazing Artist. Enough of my brief history lesson.

I am having a contest for my readers to see who can be creative. This contest is for everyone and most importantly, HAVE FUN.
-Have Fun
-Take a picture of anything creative
-Live in your photo

Contest Ends next week Wednesday November 5th, 2008

The winner will get to choose any picture on my blog that they like, and I will send them an autographed 8 x 10 copy of it in the mail. I know that I am not famous, just want to grace my readers with my work. This winner will also be featured in a post and will get there work displayed.
Please send all images to my e-mail ->, Subject, Contest.

Beauty In Color

by bigbear6208 on Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Beauty In Color

Ever wonder why fruits are a certain color or why some fruits taste sweeter than others. Or even simpler, why are some round or oval. Well I sure don't have the answer to that.

This morning I woke up and decided to make breakfast. Was not feeling for the usual pancakes, eggs and bacon. So, I made a fruit salad. I wanted to change up my routine, so I put the radio on, put it on station 96.1 FM. The New York Times classical station. Well, not my ordinary type of music, but it was relaxing.

Every slice with the knife was done with such precision, such accuracy. It was weird. Usually, I am doing everything Bing Bang and I'm done.

I topped everything off with Willy Wonker's Hard candy. The ones with the fruit flavored assortments.

Have a Nice Day

Keep Your Head Up....

by bigbear6208 on Monday, October 27, 2008

My Lyrical Thought Process. Please enter.

Sometime we as human get into situations and we say why me? Why me?
Bill Gates would say, "Life is not fair; get used to it."

Do we fall down in self pitty, or do we stand strong and fight until the end. There are those that fight without no foresight of any conclusion. They are the real risk takers, the true pillars of life, living life day by day, no matter how hard life hits. They are the ones that people lean on during times of trouble.

They have that capitivating smile, the type of personality that encourages happiness, but behind it all lies so much unclear thoughts. Deciding whether to go left or right? Or do you go straight at the intersection of lifes cross roads.

They find people that produce such uplifting songs, songs of great motivation. They listen to Sizzla Kalonji and Jay-Z to relax their minds.

Who are "they" I speak of? They can be catogorized as mass amounts of people. Sorry to disappoint you. That they your looking for, who is looking for that sole purpose in life in Me.

Meditate on this:
Nobody can run away from yourself. - Bob Marley.

Have A Nice Day.

Different Types of Mediums

by bigbear6208 on Saturday, October 25, 2008

5 Pointz

(Visit The Site)
Located in
Long Island City, Queens, NYC
Meres One (CEO)

Meres was born in the South Bronx and raised in Queens, New York. Taking on an interest in graffiti at the early age of 13, Meres developed his craft starting with tags and throw-ups. In 1991, he started TD4 (The Deadly 4mula) crew, which consisted of other artists with similar interests. By the mid-90’s, Meres changed over to piecing. He painted hundreds of pieces in all 5 boroughs as well as Florida, Connecticut, Ohio, New Jersey, North Carolina and, Holland. In 2001, Meres took over Phun Phactory in LIC, Queens, which had been closed for almost a year. Over the course of the past 5 years Meres transformed the destroyed (tagged and vandalized) building into an outdoor museum called 5 Pointz, The Institute of Higher Burnin™. He is working towards adding on a school for aspiring aerosol writers. 5 Pointz is visited by and caters to thousands of fans and writers from all over the world.

10 Things to Photograph Before You Die

by bigbear6208 on Friday, October 24, 2008

For those of you photographers that spend their lives behind that shutter will take thousands of photos in their life time. Ironically, 10 percent of those photos will be epic, made for greatness. Some of those photos will even cause life changes.

Here are my top 10 picks:

The Perfect Portrait

Photograph: By Akil Borneo

There are few photographers who don’t, at some point, find themselves pointing their camera at the face of someone they love, admire or just find interesting. Capturing an expression is simple enough but creating a portrait that captures an entire life’s story is a whole other challenge.
You can practice portraiture every day but you might only get the right face in the right light at the right time once. It’s worth looking out for.

A Complete Story

Photograph: By Akil Borneo Title: Solitude

An image of a lonely bike can't tell an entire story. It is up to the photographer to create a base for many possibilities. To some people this may just look like a bike on a fence, to others, some would want to know where the bike came from, or who is riding it. You can even go to the extreme and wonder how long the bike has been there. This picture was taken in Chinatown, New York, during slight snow fall.

The Northern Lights

Photograph: By Jeff Dyck

I can remember learning about the Northern Lights in one of my junior high school classes, and became very interested in them. The Northern Lights can only be seen in the northern latitudes, and can be viewed at night. I highly recommend taking this picture to anyone that has a passion for unique colors of lights throughout the skyline.

A Rain forest

Photograph: By Greg Andersen

From the Amazon jungle in South America to Sarawak jungle in Borneo, a rain forest can have many strange surprises. The different shades of green can also be something amazing to see. On a serious note, a rate at which we as humans destroy the planet with our so-called technologies, there may not have anymore rain forest to take.

A Dubai Sunset

Photograph: Unknown Photographer

Dubai (in Arabic: دبيّ‎, transliteration: Dubaīy) is one of the seven emirates and most populous city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is located along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. (Thank You. Based on my western perspective, Dubai is a place that has great architecture, amazing food, the beaches are nice, the people are friendly. So, why wouldn't you want to experience that while capturing a sunset in this amazing place.


Photograph: By Akil Borneo Title: Love

Love, Poverty, and War: Journeys and Essays is the title of one my favorite books by Christopher Hitchens. Hitchens said, "the principle of life is incomplete unless it has experienced love, poverty and war. Fortunately, of those three, love is the easiest to find." I feel that love is such a strong emotion, why not try to capture that in a photograph.

This picture I took on Manhattan Beach. The little girl is holding on to her mother's leg with so much strength. Showing possession, attachment and most importantly love.

New York City

Photograph: By Aaron Harewood (Check out his pictures)

There are hundreds of cities in this world that has its own postcard unique feature. China has the Great Wall, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, London has the St. Paul, and Canada has the Niagara Falls. But, the greatest city in the world has that skyline. A skyline that is recognized in any major city in the world. Known for its Yellow taxis, stinky subway stations, steaming hot dog stands and more characters than a Stephen King Novel. There is a reason why New York City is one the most photographed cities - yea, plenty of reasons why you should have a photo in your stash.

A Sand Dune

Photograph: By Olya S.

A sand dune. Yes a sand dune. I have not been to desert. The blistering heat, the scavengers that hides until its night. Just imagine seeing that wavy pattern for miles upon miles. Interesting to me, check it out.


Photograph: By Trey Ratciff

You don't have to strap up your boots, or buy a ticket to Iraq to get that. It can be an argument between two people, a fight or the expression in one's eyes can show that emotion. It can also serve as a time capsule. Like Christopher Hitchens said war is a vital part of life, and it should be part of your portfolio.


Photograph: By Azem Ramadani

An image of a face can capture a life but photojournalists have to capture moments that describe stories that might have taken years to develop. You don’t have to find poverty to create a picture like this; just a moment that says more.
OK this is my list of the top ten things I would love to photograph before I die. And remember its not a universal list, its just an opinion.

A Simple Taste of Happiness

by bigbear6208 on Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A weekend spent in Boston, Massachusetts to celebrate the love of Clarissa and Eric.

Loyalty is something you give regardless of what you get back, and in giving loyalty, you're getting more loyalty; and out of loyalty flow other great qualities.

-Charles Jones


by bigbear6208 on Monday, October 20, 2008

"Not Just Vintage" Fashion Show
Hosted by
Myoshi Marilla former BET Jazz Host