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Keep Your Head Up....

by bigbear6208 on Monday, October 27, 2008

My Lyrical Thought Process. Please enter.

Sometime we as human get into situations and we say why me? Why me?
Bill Gates would say, "Life is not fair; get used to it."

Do we fall down in self pitty, or do we stand strong and fight until the end. There are those that fight without no foresight of any conclusion. They are the real risk takers, the true pillars of life, living life day by day, no matter how hard life hits. They are the ones that people lean on during times of trouble.

They have that capitivating smile, the type of personality that encourages happiness, but behind it all lies so much unclear thoughts. Deciding whether to go left or right? Or do you go straight at the intersection of lifes cross roads.

They find people that produce such uplifting songs, songs of great motivation. They listen to Sizzla Kalonji and Jay-Z to relax their minds.

Who are "they" I speak of? They can be catogorized as mass amounts of people. Sorry to disappoint you. That they your looking for, who is looking for that sole purpose in life in Me.

Meditate on this:
Nobody can run away from yourself. - Bob Marley.

Have A Nice Day.

6 Response to "Keep Your Head Up...."

  1. Tinggay Says:

    great blog. beautiful photos. u took them yourself?

  2. Tinggay Says:

    u really did take the pix. beautiful. :)

  3. Maddie Says:

    Wow, your photos and words are both beautiful, great post. :)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    i am agree with Bill Gates. Life IS unfair. So what? Let's make the best of it.

    I soooo like your photos!!! i am going to save the photo from this post on my desktop. thank you.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Great site, great pictures. Thanks for visiting my blog! - Simon

  6. mantiz Says:

    that was really inspiring! gotta say, your's is one blog with substance, do keep writing :)