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The Inner New Yorker

by bigbear6208 on Saturday, June 21, 2008

You will be surprise how nice people can be.

Today I went to Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn to take pictures. I met the middle aged lady who was fishing with her grandchildren and sons. Which I thought was really amazing. I became very interested with the way she was setting her bait on her rod.

So I went up to her and started a conversation about her fishing experience. She told me where in New York she fishes how long she has been fishing. Who caught what. It went on and on. But, i was very interested in her story, and had a very nice conversation.

Most people think that New Yorkers are mean. Not true. Their just misread. LoL.

At the end I took a picture of the fish she caught and her. It was fun

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One Response to "The Inner New Yorker"

  1. BudgetBride Says:

    Great post!!! Been to NYC at least 20 times - haven't met a 'mean' New Yorker yet. Even the cops were nice during an anti-war / pro-peace march in April 2005! Nicer than the DC cops for sure. Great photos, too!